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About ShadowCrypt v.0.3

At a first glance SC is an ordinary en/decryption tool. Maybe even more slow than the others existing on the market.
First of all, you should know about SC is that contains a brand new encryption algorithm, designed for my phd. In brief, it contains a blockchiper on 512bit. Yes, it probably is a little bit slower than other programs. This is because it does a duble encryption. In the first layer encrypts the data with the ShadowEnc algorithm, and the result is once again encrypted with AES(rijndael).
There is a very great risk, where all cypher algorithm fail: the Human factor, in other words, weak passwords. The SC eliminates this by using his own STRONG password generator who creates variable length passwords, form alphanumeric and other characters. So, anybody trying to guess the pass used to encrypt the file in reasonable time will fail. Another problem in other cryptographic programs is that they store an information about the key(or a predefined data), so, they can tell you from the begining that your passphrase is wrong. In my opinion this is a clear invitation to anyone who want to see your secret. Take a look for example on Kremlin. It is a preaty good program,but when you use a wrong key, it tels you imediatly. I even made a code, that bruteforce the kremlin system, and filewith a 5 character long alphanumeric pass was decrypted in about 6 hour. But imagine, that if the system wont tell you that the pass is wrong. From less then a second a single try will end up to from several seconds, to minutes, depending to the size of file to decrypt, this way decreasing a succesfull atac rate drasticaly. By using his double layer encryption it probably will stop any dictionary based atacs, couse even somebody manage to decrypt the first layer, he will end up with a big mess of encrypted data. So, even if somebody trys to find for example a fraction of key by knowing that the file MUST contain the string of "RIFF" (for ex it was a .wav file before encrypt.) he won't find anything, becouse the file in the second layer contains only encrypted data.
For all those who want to post on the internet, for a restricted group of people, there are further good news:
The SC can split the file in two ways: by size in kilobytes and by number of files to result. Either way, the name of the resulting files will be absolutly random, so you need the generated file list to know in witch order you need to join the files, to get a working decryption, incraesing this way the final security. Another thing is that even if you asked for example to split the file into 1Kb files, the resulting files will not be exactly 1024byte, they will have the 1KB and a random +- number of bytes(eg one is 987byte and the other 1376byte). This way, hideing the connections betwen the files, so, if you post the in diferent places, noone will imagine that they are the part of the same file.(This is a small thanks for G guys, who did fougth for the ultimate privacy in a supervised world. Hope to hear from you soon )

And NO, in my country there is no law against exporting strong encryption codes ;)

Becouse the ShadowEnc algorithm is my phd thesis, the source code for it will be available i hope in one year, please understand.

And if you think that you find the program usefull, and you don't know where to put your money,YES, you can donate then to me ;)



Ghola 2005